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Shfaqet kanguri muskuloz, habit turistët (Foto)

Një kangur tepër i fortë muskulor u shfaq i ndotur duke u larë në një lumë në rajonin jugperëndimor të Australisë.

Me muskujt e saj të fryer, krijesa madhështore qëndronte me krenari duke i habitur kureshtarët, raporton “Daily Mail”, transmeton Periskopi.

An enormous kangaroo (pictured) was pictured looking pretty annoyed after his bath in a creek was interrupted by a man and his dog 

The giant boomer was pictured having a splash in the Boodjidup Creek, in Margaret River

Multiple photos of the rare event were shared to Facebook on Wednesday and quickly garnered over 850 likes and nearly 3,000 shares

More than 600 people commented on the bizarre occurrence, with multiple expressing their disbelief at its enormous size

The huge animal appeared a bit off-put that his river bath had been interrupted, sporting a rather displeased look as it glared at the intruders from different positions

Some speculated the photographer's pet dog had chased the creature into the river - the kangaroo retreating in the water to protect itself

Më shumë se 600 persona komentuan për këtë ngjarje të çuditshme.