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The Secret Guide To Internet Marketing

Highlight availability and cost of specialists for legal advice, export documentation and translation, Publicity about the range of low-cost, off-the-shelf solutions for implementing e-commerce. Marketing mix Criteria Product (Customer needs and wants) Range of products Online Services/value proposition Core product Sales levels Extended product offering Branding Price (Cost) Differential pricing Place (Convenience) Representation on third party sites Co-branding and partnering arrangements Promotion (Communications) Attraction efficiency (visitor volume, share of search) Reach Process (Customer experience) Conversion efficiency to online marketing outcomes – engagement, conversion to opportunity, conversion of opportunity to sales Retention efficiency People (Customer experience) Response quality – e-mail, co-browsing, chat Physical Evidence (Customer experience) Usability Accessibility Performance Availability 7. Describe two different models of online buyer behaviour. Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing valuable free content with your target audience to attract and convert them into customers. High street fashion. Scope relatively narrow, limiting target audience. Product/market. Which market do we target? 27. Chaffey, Internet Marketing, 4th Edition, Instructor’s Manual 27 © Pearson Education Limited 2009 4. Perform a demand analysis for e-commerce services for a product sector and geographical market of your choice.

See the performance measurement frameworks in Chapter 9. • external analysis (micro-economic factors); Reach of web site of competitors. Environmental scanning and analysis is the process of continuously monitoring the environment and events and responding accordingly. Web application development and designing enables entrepreneurs to automate the business operation and get rid of the painful manual process for managing their website. Freelancers have to go through a rigorous screening process to be accepted onto the site but the projects available to win can be extremely lucrative. Our comprehensive results, revenue-driven Digital marketing strategy, and in-depth site audit are crucial to your website’s success. What are virtual organisations. No mentions of discounting are made, consistent with the brands premium positioning. 8. Strategy Decision 4: Positioning. Slide 26. Illustrate this with respect to the growth of a company such as easyJet or Smile 6. Strategy Decision 2: Business and revenue model strategies. 22. Chaffey, Internet Marketing, 4th Edition, Instructor’s Manual 22 © Pearson Education Limited 2009 Revenue model Advantage Disadvantage Online subscription Continuous revenue stream Difficult to get visitors to commit to an ongoing agreement Pay Per View Instant fulfilment likely to appeal if article or reports meets someones immediate need.

35. Chaffey, Internet Marketing, 4th Edition, Instructor’s Manual 35 © Pearson Education Limited 2009 5. How do governments attempt to control the adoption of the Internet? 25. Chaffey, Internet Marketing, 4th Edition, Instructor’s Manual 25 © Pearson Education Limited 2009 4. Marketing mix – develop a detailed version of this. 28. Chaffey, Internet Marketing, 4th Edition, Instructor’s Manual 28 © Pearson Education Limited 2009 through e-mail, discussion databases and project management tools made available via document databases or groupware such as Lotus Notes/Domino. 3. What are the main aspects of customer adoption of the Internet that managers should be aware of? Some of the main advantages. Benchmarking from other countries can help address these issues. You should have identified the need to distinguish between benchmarking criteria that define the companies marketing performance in the industry. Activity 4.4 Online value proposition Visit the websites of the following companies and, in one or two sentences each, summarise their Internet value proposition. Over the last few years, the internet has become one of the most important mediums and platforms for any type of business.

• Assess proposition – what it offers over existing technologies – see subsequent text. Some possible approaches are as follows: • Find analyst estimates of the percentage of the target market that are likely to have the device over future years. • Business. Revenue models. This answer can be broken down by the different revenue models as shown in the table below. Profitability will also be dependent on the long-term capability of the company to gain revenue customers. Stakeholders in your company may need an opportunity to review all site content once or twice during implementation. Through social media channels, rating and review boards, and forums, consumers are able to connect with other consumers, give their approval or disapproval of a product or service, and influence the buying decisions of potential customers. Managers should review the percentage of user base who can use/access their site using a particular technology, for example, Flash plug in.