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How To Make Your Sell Services Online Look Like A Million Bucks

In addition to all of the ecommerce templates in the Rigid package, you’ll also get access to some templates for adding a discussion forum to your store, which might come in handy for your customer support area. You can set custom commission rates and fee structures and take care of all the other features that your online marketplace might need. It lets you sign up to connect with students in person or online and set your rates. One of the most obvious uses for this theme is to create a freelance marketplace where multiple service providers can sign up in order to connect with clients. If you’d like to create a place where people can sign up and start sharing their latest deals, offers, and coupons, then Dealsdot could be the theme for you. If selling stock photos online is your objective, this marketplace theme can definitely help. If you want to launch a marketplace place where you and others can upload and sell stock photos, you’ll be pleased to learn that Pixefy was built with this exact goal in mind.

If you check out the demos, you’ll see that this theme can be used to quickly launch stores that sell stock photos and other types of sites that sell downloadable files, such as plugins or extensions for popular software. As the demo content of Dealsdot is quite neutral, this theme works especially well for building marketplaces that will sell a wide range of products. The wallet system should simplify the payment process, while the powerful search tool will help both the freelancers and visitors find the content they are looking for. Fully 49% of B2B buyers said they are relying on content now more than ever to make purchase decisions. As Pixefy was built to integrate with the powerful WooCommerce plugin, you can configure the purchase experience in almost any way that you want. CRO can be thought of as a combination of UI/UX (user interface/user experience) and copywriting. Like many of the popular and well-established marketplaces out there, Workreap has a built-in rating system that enables your users to leave feedback so that they can share their experiences and help others find the best people on your site. Workreap aims to help you launch a freelance marketplace where your vendors can offer their skills online.

With multiple demos, Workreap makes it easy to launch the right type of freelance marketplace. To help your freelancers and visitors forge strong connections before and during their contracts, Workreap comes with a private one-to-one chat system that makes it easy for users to communicate with each other through your marketplace. Then there are over one billion other freelancers around the globe. Depending on how you decide to use this theme, you could allow your visitors to post jobs they’d like to have completed, or alternatively, let the freelancers list their skills so that those who want to hire someone can find the right person. Thanks to this, your audience can browse your catalog of images on smartphones and other larger-screen devices without any problems. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to set your platform up in exactly the way that you want, without much trouble at all. Thanks to this, you could create a marketplace where users book sessions with experts or simply let your vendors create their own profiles and list their products for sale on your website.

When it comes to adding the marketplace functionality to your store, Rigid has been built to work with the WC Marketplace and WC Vendors add-ons for WooCommerce. However, this theme really comes into its own when used to build an online marketplace with WordPress. You can personalize other aspects of our site, such as the colors, header and footer layouts, and fonts, through the theme options panel. Unlike some themes, Wolmart lets you heavily customize the header and footer areas of your store. Designed to be compatible with popular multivendor plugins, including Dokan, WCFM Marketplace, and WC Vendors, Aora lets you build your store in the way that you want. Furthermore, if you’d like your online store to become a multivendor marketplace, then ThemePlace is well worth checking out. Some examples include quantity fields that let your customers quickly add more than one instance of a product to their cart as well as support for displaying swatches for your products, such as different colors and sizes. Vendors and customers can easily communicate through this section. Has good support for multiple vendors.